Chrystalnet Hosting

Chrystalnet provides a secure and reliable infrastructure that offers unsurpassed levels of performance, speed, and network availability to satisfy the high demands of your website, data, and email needs.

Through CrystalTech, Chrystalnet utilizes multi-tiered security measures to ensure the physical security of your data, including 24/7/365 professional security, video surveillance, biometric retinal scanning, and a man-trap entry point.
An onsite, third-party professional security team monitors the CrystalTech datacenter at all times, every day of the year, with high-tech electronic, motion, and video surveillance, in addition to our own 24/7/365 staff.
Man-trap entry point features bullet proof glass, weight-measurement to deter unauthorized "piggy-backing", and state-of-the-art biometric retinal scanning.
If an unauthorized individual attempts to enter the datacenter through the man-trap, an alarm is activated and the man trap doors lock and trap the unauthorized individual inside.